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Having been established since 1989, Limon Bar has been located in the historical center of the town so called "Kaleiçi" district. It's name comes from the Lemon trees within the garden where you feel the true essence of the Mediterrenean. The district was concurred by the Ottomans in the 15th century and became a place of cultural harmony for people from many different origins. It is a place where Grece mix with Turkey in architecture and atmosphere. That is why brothers Süleyman and Bayram, who have been running the place since 1989 say that they believe in the "brotherhood of the songs", meaning that all cultures are welcome. They say, "We respect all races, colors, languages and beliefs and that's the time we feel happy when everybody feels like they are at home with a sincere smile on their face". We mix love and respect in our service to our customers and that's why they always continue to enjoy our hospitality during the day at Limon Beach. We guarantee your first visit will not be your last. We're looking forward to see you among us. Love ..